Sunday, February 17, 2013

Challenge: Blog

We enjoy a good challenge.  Since (and prior to) moving to NJ, we've been taking on various challenges on our own.  This blog is a huge challenge itself for many reasons.  Dogs are hungry.  Dog needs to go out.  Dog needs to come in.  Dog needs to go out. Dog drank all the water.  Dog threw up all that water on the carpet.  What do we write about?  Where do we start?  Let's get a workout in now.  Sometimes we're shy, definitely introverted.  But here we are sharing away.  We can figure this out.  We managed to move ourselves and 4 dogs across the country, from 2 houses down to one that is smaller than the previous smaller house.  If we could do that, and not have a house that looks like one you might see on a hoarding tv show, we can do anything.  Unless it involves electricity or perhaps knocking down a wall in the house.  That is for the professionals.
We love gardening!  Gardening is an everyday, all year challenge.  Our back yard will be paradise one day.  One day.  It's getting there.
We love nature!  The garden is included, but so are all the other creatures that you invite or don't invite in.  It also includes mother natures giant garden.
We love a happy, cozy, inviting home.  We do this through furniture, lighting, and liquor.
We love animals!  Making them happy is a fun challenge, that literally bites you in the ass if you don't try hard enough.
We love being healthy!  This includes home grown and cooked meals, dog walks, herbal medicine, exercise, yoga, swimming, surfing, and learning.  Perhaps learning is the reason we like to try to do it all ourselves.  Well, it's that and the satisfaction of saying, "WE did that."
And so, Challenge: Blog is accomplished.  Not finished.  Some challenges are never-ending.  But blog one=done!  Sometimes that first step is the hardest.

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